HS108 series 0.025% F.S.

About the product

The HS108 Series Digit­al Pres­sure Gauge is a port­able and highly accur­ate test instru­ment. With advanced micro­pro­cessor tech­no­logy and a state-of-the-art sil­ic­on pres­sure sensor, it provides an accur­ate, reli­able and eco­nom­ic­al solu­tion for pres­sure applic­a­tions in the energy, chem­ic­al, pet­ro­leum and many oth­er indus­tries. Each gauge has an integ­rated high and low tem­per­at­ure test, mak­ing the meas­ure­ment more accur­ate and reliable.


Pres­sure range up to 2,500 bar

High accur­acy up to 0.025% F.S

Tem­per­at­ure Compensating

RS232 com­mu­nic­a­tion interface

With max and min value function

Zero point, end value Cal­ib­ra­tion function

Nine pres­sure units selectable

ABS pro­tect­ive case 7.4 Vdc reusable lith­i­um bat­tery with charger

Data stor­age

Large LCD with white backlight

CE & EX approval