We sup­ply pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers for iso­stat­ic presses, auto­frettage sys­tems and a vari­ety of oth­er pur­poses. Cur­rently the max­im­um oper­a­tion pres­sure is 16.000 bars and the largest stroke volume sup­plied was 30 litres.

Our pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers can be used for liquids and gases in a con­tinu­ous or dis­con­tinu­ous oper­a­tion mode. They are driv­en by hydraul­ic power. Upon your request we can also sup­ply the cor­res­pond­ing hydraul­ic power unit. Usu­ally our pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers are designed for a hydraul­ic power pres­sure from 250 to 350 bars. The high-pres­sure part of the pres­sure intens­i­fi­er can be sep­ar­ated from the hydraul­ic power part with a spacer if a con­tam­in­a­tion can­not be tolerated.

The struc­ture of our pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers allows a fast and simple assembly. Four ten­sion rods take the ten­sion in axi­al dir­ec­tion and ensure a high­er oper­a­tion­al safety than oth­er sys­tems. Smal­ler pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers can be sup­plied as a single-dir­ec­tion work­ing vari­ant or with two high-pres­sure heads for con­tinu­ous flow.