Pneu­mat­ic intens­i­fi­ers up to 16.000 bar

About the product

Pneu­mat­ic­ally driv­en pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers are an altern­at­ive to smal­ler hydraul­ic­ally driv­en pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers and hand spindle pumps. Liquids or gases up to 16,000 bar can be pumped.

The advant­age over hydraul­ic­ally driv­en pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers is that no hydraul­ic power pack is required. The drive works with a max­im­um of 7 bar com­pressed air. The pres­sure can be con­trolled manu­ally by a pre­ci­sion pres­sure reg­u­lat­or or auto­mat­ic­ally by a pro­por­tion­al valve.

Pneu­mat­ic­ally driv­en pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers do not require elec­tric­al energy and are suit­able for explo­sion-proof systems.

Lar­ger stroke volumes are pos­sible in mul­tiple stages. Multi-stage means that sev­er­al pneu­mat­ic pis­tons are placed one behind the oth­er. The parts in con­tact with the medi­um are made of stain­less steel. The pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers can altern­at­ively be sup­plied with 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 pis­tons. The dia­met­er of the high-pres­sure plun­gers is adap­ted to the power of the drive.

Tech­nic­al spe­cific­a­tions as PDF: