About the product

Wheth­er it is about water­blast­ing, pres­sure test­ing, bolt ten­sion­ing or just a high pres­sure indus­tri­al tool, we give you the right hose. With vari­ous sizes of rub­ber and ther­mo­plastic hoses on stock, we deliv­er crimped and tested hose assembly with the stand­ard fit­tings and accessor­ies for your needs in couple of hours. High pres­sure? No prob­lem. We can offer you hoses up to 4.000 bar work­ing pres­sure. And yes, we test it in order to deliv­er only safe products.

For spe­cial needs we can offer spe­cial products like cus­tom made fit­tings, sub­sea hoses or hoses for well ser­vices up to: ID ∅75 mm / 1.034 bar (size ‑48 / 15,000 psi).

We have our own test bench to test the crimped hoses but not only. We offer as a ser­vice our equip­ment to test also the cus­tom­ers products, wheth­er it is about pres­sure test or burst test.
Or, we can build for you a hose test­ing sys­tem based on your needs, as a turn­key product.