Female inlet safety heads

About the product

Safety heads are over­pres­sure safety devices which can be used for almost all pres­sures in our range. The advant­ages are a rel­at­ively low price, a small size and a delay-free response.

The dis­ad­vant­ages in con­trast to pres­sure relief valves are that the burst pres­sure must be at least 30% above the oper­at­ing pres­sure. In sys­tems requir­ing accept­ance, the per­miss­ible oper­at­ing pres­sure must cor­res­pond to the burst pres­sure of the sys­tem. This entails con­sid­er­able addi­tion­al costs. A new safety head must be inser­ted after each response. Even at nor­mal oper­at­ing pres­sure, the safety heads can burst after some time due to fatigue. We have there­fore endeav­oured to man­u­fac­ture pres­sure relief valves at costs in the order of mag­nitude of safety heads.