Hand spindle pumps

About the product

Spindle pumps are suit­able for gen­er­at­ing high stat­ic pres­sures in small volumes. Our spindle pumps cov­er all pres­sure ran­ging up to 16.000 bars. With hand spindle pumps exact pres­sures can be achieved with a high pre­ci­sion and without a stick-slip effect. The hand pump is oper­ated by four sturdy handles. Many cus­toms oper­ate our spindle pumps since dec­ades without chan­ging seals.

Medi­um con­tact­ing parts are made of stain­less steel. These spindle pumps are also avail­able with a step­per motor drive, pneu­mat­ic drive or as a func­tion­al system.