Hydraul­ic intens­i­fi­ers up to 16.000 bar

About the product

We sup­ply pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers for iso­stat­ic presses, auto­frettage sys­tems and a vari­ety of oth­er applic­a­tions. The max­im­um oper­at­ing pres­sure is cur­rently 16,000 bar. The largest stroke volume delivered to date was 30 litres.

Pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers can be used to pump liquids and gases. They are suit­able for con­tinu­ous and dis­con­tinu­ous oper­a­tion. The drive is hydraulic.

We also sup­ply the required hydraul­ic power unit on request. As stand­ard, our pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers are designed for a hydraul­ic drive pres­sure of 250 to 350 bar. The high-pres­sure part can be sep­ar­ated from the hydraul­ic part by a spacer (lan­tern) if no traces of the drive flu­id may enter the high-pres­sure flu­id and vice versa.

The over­all design of the pres­sure intens­i­fi­er allows easy install­a­tion. In the axi­al dir­ec­tion, the pres­sure intens­i­fi­er is held by four tie rods which absorb the entire axi­al load.

In addi­tion to the favour­able mount­ing con­di­tions, a high­er degree of oper­a­tion­al safety is achieved here. Smal­ler pres­sure intens­i­fi­ers can be sup­plied par­tially single act­ing, or with two high pres­sure heads double act­ing for con­tinu­ous conveying.

Intens­i­fi­er 4.000 bar

Tech­nic­al spe­cific­a­tions as PDF: