About the product

Our range of tubes includes:

  • Pres­sures up to 14.000 bar
  • Nom­in­al dia­met­ers from 0.6mm to 23.8mm
  • Tubes in lengths from 4–7m, short­er pieces on request

We have had our high-pres­sure pipes man­u­fac­tured to strict spe­cific­a­tions. These essen­tially com­prise the fol­low­ing groups:

  • Mech­an­ic­al mater­i­al properties
  • Interi­or and exter­i­or sur­face quality
  • Chem­ic­al mater­i­al properties
  • Mech­an­ic­al mater­i­als testing

The test pres­sure bey­ond the oper­at­ing pres­sure should be selec­ted after con­sulta­tion accord­ing to the oper­at­ing con­di­tions, since in most cases a — some­times desired — mater­i­al harden­ing already takes place. For some applic­a­tions — e.g. in case of strong pres­sure fluc­tu­ations — it is advis­able to auto­frettage the tubes. We will be pleased to give you fur­ther inform­a­tion on this. We can also sup­ply tubes of oth­er mater­i­als on request.

We sup­ply high-pres­sure con­nec­tions for 60° and for 120° cones. The 60° cones are a world­wide stand­ard. The 120° cones are still rel­at­ively new. They have the fol­low­ing advantages:

  • They seal bet­ter, espe­cially at high­er pressures
  • The cone is short­er and more stable
  • The tend­ency of the 60° cone to crack due to the wedge effect of the more acute angle is replaced by a sta­bil­iz­ing effect
  • The pro­duc­tion is easi­er. The mater­i­al remov­al is reduced by up to 77% com­pared to a 60° cone
  • A single cone cut­ting blade can be used for all pipe diameters