About the product

Sep­ar­at­or sep­ar­ate two flu­ids in a cyl­in­der by a pis­ton. On both sides of the cyl­in­der there is the same pres­sure.
Sep­ar­at­or are used when the pres­sure of a liquid that is easy to pump, e.g. water or hydraul­ic oil, is to be trans­ferred to a liquid or gas that is dif­fi­cult to pump.
When trans­fer­ring to gas, this is often less expens­ive than a com­pressor and lar­ger com­pres­sion ratios can be achieved. Explos­ive and cor­ros­ive gases can be com­pressed more safely.
Since there is no dif­fer­en­tial pres­sure between the two sides of the pis­ton seal, it usu­ally has a long ser­vice life.
We man­u­fac­ture sep­ar­at­or in sizes from a few cm³ up to 200 liters and pres­sures up to 16,000 bar