Pres­sure vessels

About the product

Since May 2002, only pres­sure equip­ment that meets the require­ments of the Pres­sure Equip­ment Dir­ect­ive (PED) may be placed on the mar­ket through­out the European Union.

The dir­ect­ive spe­cifies the essen­tial safety require­ments for pres­sure equip­ment and describes the pro­ced­ures for assess­ing con­form­ity with the PED.

Each pres­sure ves­sel is sub­jec­ted to a con­form­ity assess­ment described in accord­ance with the PED before it is put into oper­a­tion. Auto­claves in accord­ance with for­eign reg­u­la­tions, e.g. ASME, are also available.

We offer pres­sure ves­sels in all pres­sure ranges up to 14,000 bar. Tech­nic­al details, such as the seal­ing sys­tem, are designed by us accord­ing to the oper­at­ing con­di­tions (medi­um, tem­per­at­ure, etc.).

Accessor­ies: heat­ers, stir­rers, shakers, lin­ings and oth­er exten­sions are avail­able on request.

Tech­nic­al sep­ci­fic­a­tions as PDF: