684-E1 single act­ing up to 800 bar

About the product

Gas boost­ers gen­er­ate high pres­sures with a min­im­um size. The boost­ers work on the dif­fer­en­tial pis­ton prin­ciple, i.e. nor­mal air pres­sure, usu­ally up to 7 bar, is guided onto a large pis­ton and moves a small high-pres­sure pis­ton. The ratio A (area) x P (pres­sure) of the large pis­ton cor­res­ponds, apart from low fric­tion losses, to that of the small pis­ton, just like with pres­sure boost­ers. Gas boost­ers offer the fol­low­ing advantages:

  • Auto­mat­ic stand­still after reach­ing the set max­im­um pressure
  • Easy integ­ra­tion into exist­ing systems
  • No energy loss dur­ing long pres­sure hold­ing times
  • Due to the com­pressed air drive they are suit­able for use in explo­sion-proof areas
  • Coun­ter­act­ing leaks in the system
  • Simple activ­a­tion by manu­al or con­trolled valves