Elec­tric spindle pumps

About the product

  • stroke volume 100 cm³

Spindle pumps are suit­able for gen­er­at­ing high stat­ic gas and liquid pres­sures. Motor-driv­en spindle pumps can start up pres­sures very pre­cisely without slip-stick effect. The oper­a­tion devel­ops only low noise.

Our spindle pumps cov­er pres­sure ranges up to 16,000 bar.  The parts in con­tact with the medi­um are made of stain­less steel.

Spindle pumps can be sup­plied with step­per motors or syn­chron­ous motors. Usu­ally the drive is provided by a step­per or servo motor and a ball screw.

The motor and the gear are selec­ted accord­ing to the desired flow rate and the desired oper­at­ing pres­sure. Of course, the con­trol sys­tem can also be provided.